Holographic 3D Water Screens

Holographic 3D Water Screens - Technology for Exhibitions and Shows in the UAE.


Transparent 3D water screens featuring colorful three-dimensional images will become the focal point of exhibition halls and concert venues in Dubai. They will help attract customers with their unique information presentation and mesmerizing effects.

How the Holographic 3D Water Screens Work.

The suspended unit disperses water in a manner similar to an air humidifier. Fine mist droplets emerge from the unit, forming a weightless trail of vapor. A rear projection projector transmits images and animations onto the misty cloud, creating a "floating" 3D picture.

The resulting mist is dry and cool, with no impact on nearby equipment and no residue on visitors' clothing.

The unit can be positioned in three ways: from above, from the side, from below.

To operate the transparent 3D water screens, distilled water should be used. Purified liquid does not form scale, a substance that can clog the output openings and disrupt the unit's operation. With distilled water, the device will last longer.


The structure displays two-dimensional and three-dimensional content, equally adept at conveying static images and videos. Versatility and ease of control make 3D water screens an excellent addition to installations for:

• Exhibitions. • Business conferences. • Educational centers. • Product presentations. • Shows and concerts. • Nightclubs. • Shopping malls.

Transparent screens find applications at formal events and parties, help conduct business meetings impressively, and create memorable promotional campaigns. Holographic setups enable the creation of impressive advertisements for various establishments in Dubai.

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