Matt white rear projection film

Rear Projection Film - Bring Your Bright and High-Contrast Images to Life! An effective outdoor advertising solution, it will grab the attention of your target audience and help successfully showcase your brand.

Elevate your presentations with white rear projection film - the tool for creating stunning installations with a wow-factor! Bright, weightless images will evoke an emotional response from your audience, piquing their interest and holding their attention for a lasting impression.

The slim profile of the white projection film makes it lighter and thinner than bulky monitors. With a thickness of just 100 microns, it takes up minimal visual space, making it ideal for small offices and shops. At a width of 1,524 mm, your clients can enjoy the images even from a distance.

The rear projection screen reproduces images projected onto its front surface, including photographs, animations, video clips, and promotional videos. Thanks to its lightweight and portability, you can easily move the screen without compromising the integrity of walls. The projector is positioned behind, ensuring high-quality projected images.

To utilize the white projection film, a separate rear projector is required, but it is compatible with many projection devices from various brands. When the equipment is turned off, it seamlessly blends into the interior and is almost imperceptible to the eye.

The possibilities for using the white projection film are virtually limitless! It serves as a fantastic visual solution for decorating exhibition stands, trade show floors, shop windows, and even restaurant spaces. This screen is perfect for conducting presentations, lectures, and conferences. In educational institutions, it offers a modern alternative to traditional boards and bulky televisions while significantly reducing costs compared to plasma panels.

This self-adhesive film easily adheres to transparent surfaces such as acrylic or glass, creating a truly lifelike image. Utilizing it to project onto your shop window will transform the facade into a captivating advertising showcase, capturing the attention of passersby and potential customers. With the white rear projection film, your advertising will become distinctive and captivating, leaving a lasting impact!

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Vision S2 Matt White rear back projection film 1 linear meter

Vision S2 Matt White rear back projection film 1 linear meter

White matte projection film for rear back projection is very interesting for projection installation..

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