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Situational \ Dispatch centers, equipment, features, estimates and specificationsSituational and dispatch centers as the most important element of making correct and timely effective decisions.

Today's dynamically changing world is throwing new and new challenges to modern business. There are often situations in which you need to quickly analyze a large flow of information from different sources, make the most correct decision, and then bring it to the performers "on the ground", spending as little time as possible. To solve such a problem, so-called situational or dispatch centers are increasingly being used.

A situation center is a room designed to monitor the development of certain events, analyze incoming information and quickly take measures to control the situation in real time. Such centers are used by organizations such as the Ministry of Emergency Situations to make vital decisions in emergency situations, when every minute of delay can turn into a disaster.

The dispatch center is designed to organize long-term control over complex multi-stage processes, such as cargo transportation, air transport traffic, and the operation of factory workshops.

Such centers require high reliability and efficiency. Operating 24/7, they are equipped with modern electronic equipment, special means of communication, uninterrupted power supply and powerful cooling systems. The main element of such a system is multimedia means of displaying information.

In addition to an individual workstation screen for each specialist, situation centers also include a public screen that displays information intended for all employees:

Graphs, diagrams, diagrams;

Photos and videos;

Maps of the area;

Important information messages.

Depending on the requirements and budget framework, public screens can be designed based on different technologies: video decks with laser light sources, LCD panels for creating video walls or laser projectors. Such complex systems are controlled by powerful means of switching and signal conversion – matrix controllers of video walls.

Such systems have high information efficiency, since they combine different data sources and provide the information received for general use to a wide range of specialists.

Due to this, the creation of a situation center allows you to significantly increase the speed of managerial decision-making in the organization and simplifies communication between the manager and subordinates at all stages of work:

The management of the organization gets access to any information in real time, without having to wait for the report to be generated;

Data analysis by specialists is accelerated due to more information available for study at the same time;

The ability to continuously monitor an object or situation allows you to quickly work out all the scenarios and adjust forecasts in real time.

It is also important to provide the center with the means to organize conferences that will allow you to establish direct contact with remote employees and consultants. In addition, each specialist should have at his disposal and means of internal communication, such as a telephone, microphone and scanner. This will allow him to report on the situation directly from the workplace.

Situational \ Dispatch centers, equipment, features, estimates and specifications

Situational and dispatch centers as the main tool of the Head of the Enterprise with a Capital letter!All equipment of dispatch centers should be designed for maximum loads to withstand work in an emergency situation. To do this, you should choose only reliable samples of equipment, the quality of which is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The organization of the dispatch center will also require the connection of backup communication channels (both Internet and telephone), the installation of redundant database management systems, the laying of backup power lines, the connection of autonomous power sources (most often diesel generators). The indoor air conditioning system should be powerful enough to provide heat removal from a large number of servers and workstations.

In addition to the hardware components of the system, the situation center project usually includes planning a variety of organizational issues that ensure the convenience of employees. For example, the correct laying of cables, the angle of incidence of light on the workplace, the availability of free space, a sufficient number of outlets to connect all the necessary equipment.

The system of situation centers is an effective tool for monitoring a variety of situations, speeding up the interaction of different departments of the organization and facilitating decision–making in emergency situations. A properly organized and staffed center will increase the productivity of all levels of the company, reduce the reaction time to unforeseen circumstances, increase the quality of strategic planning and allow your business to reach a new level of efficiency.

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