3D Holo similar to Musion eyeliner

3D Holo similar to Musion eyeliner 

3D Holo technology and film (analogous to Musion EyeLiner) allows you to get visual effects of 3D holographic objects in the air.

A feature of the holographic film is:

- increased transparency when looking at a 45-degree 3D Holo film;

- increased reflectivity when the rays fall under 45 degrees;

- high strength and wear resistance of 3D Holo film;

- with proper lighting in the room, small scratches and scuffs that occurred during the installation of the holographic film are not visible.

The source of the video image is best to use projectors and projection high-contrast projection paint or projection canvases with high reflectivity, while the projection solution can be used exclusively in rooms with a low level of parasitic illumination (to create conditions for dark scenes and holographic cubes).

When using 3D Holo technology in lighted rooms, it is necessary to use LED screens of increased brightness and with a small pixel pitch of 1-2 mm, while it is still necessary to create conditions that increase the consistency of the holographic image, namely, the background for holography should be a dark, not brightly lit space - advertising banners, curtains, dark auxiliary projections, etc. video images.

If you need a real 3D holographic image in the air, contact us and buy a 3D Holo film. We have already done many projects with holographic reflective technologies.

3D Holo Reflective 3D film similar to Musion EyeLiner film, price per 1 sq.m.

3D Holo Reflective 3D film similar to Musion EyeLiner film, price per 1 sq.m.

3D Holo film, similar to the Musion EyeLiner film, is used to create 3D video systems for Dubai UAE ..

درهم AED 2,100 Ex Tax: درهم AED 2,000

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