Holographic Mesh

Holographic Mesh for Shows and Exhibitions in Dubai.


Transparent tulle will complement the performance with wow effects that will capture the attention of guests and leave a lasting impression on clients. It has a cellular structure that allows for "bringing to life" images and videos. In terms of appearance, the cells can be divided into square, rectangular, and hexagonal shapes.

When the projector beams pass through the holographic mesh, they create large-scale effects. The three-dimensional projection appears to float in the air. Text, static images, and animations projected onto the tulle look more impressive compared to images on a screen.

Features of Transparent Mesh

Holographic tulle is made from thin synthetic threads, which gives it a lightweight nature. The lightweight fabric is easy to store, transport, and set up on a stage.

Depending on the projector's placement, the tulle can be used for:

• Direct projection;

• Rear projection.

A unique feature of the transparent mesh is that the hovering hologram remains undistorted as the visitors move around the image from different angles. This means that regardless of the guest movement at an exhibition or the presenter's position, the image remains intact.

In terms of color, tulle comes in White, Gray and Black.

It's advisable to choose the shade in consultation with an expert. Gray is considered the most effective as it minimizes glare on the image, whereas white provides better color rendition.

Applications for Holographic Mesh.

Transparent tulle is used to create temporary and permanent installations in Dubai. Most often, this fabric is applied in:

• Shopping malls – for advertising products;

• Exhibitions – to showcase inventions and products;

• Concerts and theaters – to enhance artists' performances with effects.

Transparent mesh is versatile and suitable for any event in Dubai and all over the UAE.

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