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Chatbots as a link between the seller and the consumer

Clients constantly need help: to show the assortment, to tell about the goods, to consult about the office hours, to give answers to questions. An unsatisfied person quickly leaves the company, and that, in turn, loses a certain percentage of the audience.

To avoid such a situation, the owner has to be online 24/7 and not leave the computer or hire dozens of managers and consultants, which does not always have a rosy effect on the company's budget.

To create an active, capable of serving several users at once and always available assistant, it is enough to buy a chatbot. It is a special service that interacts with a person by text or voice messages. Virtual interlocutors are created with the help of artificial intelligence, thanks to them it is possible not only to respond with template phrases, but also to conduct sales

 from handling to full invoicing, shipment of paid products or delivery by courier services.

Today it is possible to buy a chatbot of VK, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook and other messengers, as well as install them on the company's websites. The services perfectly simulate a conversation with a real person.

New Generation Chatbot Abilities

Virtual assistants are programmed differently depending on the tasks assigned, so they can easily be implemented both in a social network and in large portals.

It is most profitable to buy a chatbot for business: it will easily beat off costs and bring even more customers. So, what can modern services do:

Communicate with the user on the site. Offer a subscription to news, redirect and answer calls, give contact information (phone numbers, addresses of the nearest offices).

Communicate on social networks and messengers. At the same time, large companies often choose a playful and entertaining tone to contact subscribers, and often install Telegram chatbot, Vkontakte, and Facebook at once to maximize audience coverage.

Advise on the product. The bot can announce technical specifications, price, stock availability, delivery time and payment methods.

Contact the user. For example, to send emails with a tracking number, make a phone call, remind yourself if the interlocutor is silent for a long time – to perform such simple tasks, it is enough to buy a chatbot for WhatsApp or Viber.

Present an interactive manual for the operation of equipment, which includes tips on installing, connecting, configuring equipment and diagnosing problems.

To help people with disabilities. You can teach the bot to give voice or large pop-up prompts to users with poor eyesight.

Warn about the environment and dangers on the road, give advice on solving problems. Alert assistants are intensively used in HUD displays and holographic glasses.

A virtual assistant on a corporate website or a chatbot for Telegram - anyone can buy such a useful service. Bots are used in all spheres of life and business where interaction with a person is required:

In the areas of service provision;

Online stores and selling pages in social networks;

On the websites of medical institutions;

Entertainment portals,

restaurants, cafes and delivery services.

More and more areas are using chatbots, in the future they will take the leading role in negotiations between companies and customers.

Chat Bot - a trainable artificial intelligence for your website, messenger and social networks

Chat Bot - a trainable artificial intelligence for your website, messenger and social networks

A chatbot to support event visitors.The chatbot communicates with visitors in natural language, ship..

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