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We offer to buy an interactive touch floor for exhibitions, holidays and various events UAE Dubai. We supply I-Floor as standard, complete with one, two or three projectors.I-Floor (interactive sensor touch floor) is a horizontal interactive system in the form of a floor that reacts to the movements of the human body. The "Living floor" is designed to create spectacular presentations, original design of your institution and placement of new generation advertising. Any free floor space can be transformed into an interactive surface with a variety of graphic special effects. The content of the interactive floor can be diverse: from photo presentations to various active games. Visual effects can be triggered by any movement of the hands and body, which allows visitors to interact with the surface during the game. I-Floor will not leave anyone indifferent, everyone will pay attention to the floor, which literally "comes to life" under their feet.

The "living floor" installation is applicable almost everywhere where it is necessary to attract the attention of visitors. This is an effective innovative way to showcase products and create an atmosphere of entertainment and fun.

I-Floor will turn any event into an exciting and memorable show, be it a presentation, an exhibition, a party in a nightclub or a playground in a shopping and entertainment center.

Scope of application:

Advertising campaigns;


BTL -promotions;



Entertainment centers;

Night clubs;

Movie theaters;

Interior solutions;

Fashion shows;

Interactive games.

The interactive floor is supplied as standard with 1 projector with a brightness of 4500 lumens. In this configuration, when a person interacts with the surface of the interactive floor, a shadow remains - the person accordingly blocks a part of the projection beam. Additionally, there is an option to install a second projector, which will give the effect of suppressing light streams and as a result — no shadow at all on the surface of the I-Floor. The figure shows a monoblock mount - optional.

We offer to buy an interactive touch floor for exhibitions, holidays and various events UAE Dubai. We supply I-Floor as standard, complete with one, two or three projectors.General characteristics:

Technology: Infrared multi-contact.

Method of interaction: entrance to the projection zone, movement inside the projection zone.

Brightness: at least 250 cd/sq.m (enough for placement in brightly lit public places)

Contrast ratio: Usually at least 1000:1 (depends on the color of the flooring and lighting)

Operating System: Windows 10-11

Power supply: 220V, 60Hz, from 500 watts

Operating temperatures: +5....+45 ` c

Warranty 12 months.


The I-Floor interactive floor system creates an interactive multi-contact image on the floor of the room. The picture is formed by a projector(s) fixed under the ceiling. It turns the floor surface into an interactive screen on which a person animates a video image with his movements, gestures and steps. I-Floor interactive floor is a fascinating and accessible environment created to attract the attention of visitors to public places. This is advertising and entertainment "in one bottle", during which a person interacts with the advertising and gaming surface. The system instantly reacts to actions performed by a person on or near the projection surface and creates fascinating visual effects. Interactive floor is a surprisingly flexible, effective, and time-tested tool for promoting goods and services. The interactive floor easily creates a high-tech interior, and in an unobtrusive way, in the form of a game, motivates the visitor to open an advertising message hidden behind all kinds of effects.

Designed to entertain visitors and demonstrate game advertising. It is used to play advertising and gaming videos in shopping malls, exhibition halls, train stations, airports, banks, restaurants, clubs, and other public places. Foreign and Russian advertisers recognize interactive projections as an original and effective tool of modern advertising. They open up wide opportunities for advertising creativity and provide new serious opportunities for effective influence on the target audience during advertising campaigns, promotions, presentations, concerts, exhibitions, interactive shows. Interactive advertising technologies eliminate psychological barriers to the perception of advertising, causing the audience to have a positive attitude towards it. The use of interactive solutions allows you to welcome visitors, inform them about brands, goods and services, create interactive thematic presentations and games. At the same time, representatives of the target audience always have an unforgettable impression of what they participated in.

We offer to buy an interactive touch floor for exhibitions, holidays and various events UAE Dubai. We supply I-Floor as standard, complete with one, two or three projectors.Opportunities

The software environment of the I-Floor interactive floor system allows you to collect information about the number of contacts with a particular commercial, automatically send contact reports by e-mail, it starts and turns off by a timer that synchronizes the system with the opening hours of the institution. The interactive I-Floor floor will perfectly fit into the customer waiting area or the children's play area, making the usually painful waiting time in the store, bank and post office interesting and memorable. The system is successfully used for "interactive filling" of stages and podiums in clubs, cafes and restaurants, thanks to the possibility of combining projections to create interactive surfaces of all shapes and areas. The I-Floor interactive floor system can always be mounted in such a way as to make minimal changes to the appearance of the point where it is placed. If there is a suspended ceiling at the installation site, then the system is mounted above it, if not, then the system can be made in the form of a monoblock in a single housing for suspension to the load-bearing ceiling. Modern technologies used in the I-Floor made it possible to pack all the "stuffing" into one 35x35x30cm case. With a weight of no more than 10 kg, it includes a full set of interactive floor and a powerful 4500 AnsiLm projector. The environment allows you and your clients to make interactive videos for the system "on their own". If you have a highly qualified designer on staff, or you have been cooperating with design studios for a long time, you can independently produce interactive content.

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