Matt gray rear projection film

Rear Projection Film - Bring Your Bright and High-Contrast Images to Life! An effective outdoor advertising solution, it will grab the attention of your target audience and help successfully showcase your brand.

The gray rear projection film features a multi-layer structure and has a thickness of only 100 microns, providing compactness and near invisibility in the room when the projector is inactive. This allows seamless integration into any environment without any distractions.

Easily applicable to transparent surfaces such as glass, partitions, and showcases, you can transform glass and acrylic objects into stunning holograms, emphasizing the uniqueness of your products. Additionally, projecting on store windows or cafes will make your signage even more attractive and introduce passersby to your product offerings.

Image quality is our top priority. The multi-layer film evenly distributes the light flow, ensuring a smooth and sharp image. With a width of 1,524 mm and a viewing angle ranging from 140 to 160 degrees, viewers can comfortably observe the projection from various angles.

Using the film is simple and convenient. It is compatible with standard and long-throw rear projection projectors positioned behind the film, enhancing image clarity and detail, making it highly expressive.

The benefits of using the gray film are evident. It serves as an excellent alternative to traditional televisions and monitors, providing you with a modern and efficient solution for presentations, exhibitions, and advertising events. Moreover, it saves resources, as it only consumes electricity when the projector is in use.

The gray film finds broad applications in various fields, including educational institutions, conference rooms, shopping centers, exhibition venues, and the advertising industry. It's an ideal solution for product presentations, interactive video showcases, and virtual promoters.

If you are looking for a reliable and modern advertising solution, the rear projection film is your best choice. It offers numerous opportunities for creative solutions and will help you achieve impressive results in your business.

You can purchase these film on our website with delivery in Dubai and UAE.

Vision S1 Matt Gray rear back projection film 1 linear meter

Vision S1 Matt Gray rear back projection film 1 linear meter

Matte gray projection film is used with standard and long focus projectors.This rear projection film..

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