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Presentation is one of the most popular and effective ways to promote goods and services around the world. A visual demonstration of the advantages and features of the products offered increases the interest of potential buyers, so a carefully thought–out presentation is the best tool for conquering new markets.

At the same time, it is impossible to make a high-quality presentation without the use of modern multimedia equipment: projectors, screens, complex holographic systems, architectural lighting or such innovative technological solutions as virtual promoters. It all depends on the scale of the presentation and the audience you want to reach.

Even ordinary negotiations with partners are difficult to conduct without a small report using a portable projector, and if we are talking about large-scale exhibitions with large-scale stands and high competition, then you cannot do without high-quality multimedia support. In such cases, interesting projection solutions that attract the attention of visitors are needed, which will help potential customers notice your brand and not remain indifferent.

Why do I need to rent a projector?

Buying multimedia equipment may not be a very profitable investment. Such equipment is usually not cheap and this is especially noticeable if it is necessary to organize a large-scale event using a large number of projectors, screens and other professional equipment. Such an acquisition can pay off only if it is necessary to use the equipment for its intended purpose every day. In all other cases, renting a projector with a screen is a more appropriate solution.

Therefore, if you need to hold a one–time event, then it makes sense to simply rent a projector, Dubai is a city where hundreds of different demonstrations are held daily using multimedia equipment, most of which is simply rented. This way of organizing allows you to avoid senseless costs for the purchase of equipment, which will then gather dust in the warehouse. After all, by buying a projector, the rental of which is much cheaper under any circumstances, you significantly increase the cost of the event.

Moreover, it is important to understand that any demonstration equipment is by no means universal. There are different types of projectors and screens that are used in different rooms and under different lighting conditions. A particular combination of devices will be guaranteed to be effective only under certain conditions (illumination, room size, audience position) and may be useless under other circumstances. Therefore, when purchasing equipment for showing in a small lecture hall, you cannot be sure that it will provide you with the same high-quality picture at a larger scale of the presentation.

By renting equipment, you not only save on the cost of the event, but also get a guarantee that the equipment will meet all your requirements.

Rental of projectors and screens.

Dubai, again, is the leader in this direction among all Middle-East cities, is a popular service for organizing a variety of events:

Advertising campaigns, exhibitions, presentations, various performances that become more colorful with the use of multimedia technology;

Trainings and lectures, where the presence of a projector allows you to get rid of paper posters and not waste time writing information on the blackboard;

Corporate meetings and meetings where important graphs and diagrams can be clearly demonstrated;

Weddings, where congratulations to the young are shown from people who could not personally attend the celebration or photos from the couple's life;

Birthdays and other holidays where it makes sense to show various videos, photos and greetings recorded in advance.

Before renting a projector, you should carefully consider all the technical details of the event and choose the right type of equipment that you need. It is worth considering the scale, the size of the audience and the complexity of the presentation itself. Most likely, in addition to the projector, you will also need to rent a projection screen.

You can rent a variety of types of devices from us:

Rental of projection screens;

Projectors of different power and image resolution;

Forward or reverse projection screens;

Touch, transparent and holographic screens;

Virtual promoters;

Landscape and architectural lighting;

Special servers for combining several projectors into a single system to create one large screen;

Switching equipment, fastening systems, special truss structures.

In addition, we offer the development of promotional videos for transparent screens and touch interfaces, as well as work on the delivery, installation, commissioning and dismantling of projection and sensor systems.

Often, certain events require renting a projector, renting a screen, renting a seamless video wall, renting an interactive floor or video and audio or interactive equipment, to create a more saturated and effective atmosphere, for entertainment and games, for presentations, advertising or whatever would be cool.

Our company is always ready to help in organizing your holiday, celebration, exhibition and corporate event and with its equipment to help make your significant event unforgettable for your customers, employees, friends and competitors.

Call us with these or other requests, even the most fantastic and complex requests for renting a projector or renting a projection screen, and we will try to quickly calculate the estimate of your imagination or offer interesting solutions from ourselves.

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