Even if an organization has decided to do without professional design of the room in which it plans to install projection equipment, it will still need competent setup and installation of devices. Without this, it is impossible to predict how long the equipment will last: a few years or a couple of months.

Only professionals who have already worked in this field should install interactive systems in Dubai, otherwise you can miss a lot of nuances and important details, thanks to which the perfect installation of modern equipment is achieved.

interactive systems in Dubai, installation of a projector and a screen, installation of equipment, installation of a video cameraWhere is the projection equipment usually mounted

In organizations where business meetings are often held or a huge amount of material is served, it is customary to use projection devices to visualize information and make it easier to present it. They fuel interest in the subject of discussion better than simple paper media, and also demonstrate all the necessary data (videos, images, diagrams, tables, films, etc.).

The installation of the projector and screen is most often ordered for:

Educational institutions. For lecture and practical classrooms, rooms for viewing video material, during educational conferences, defending term papers and theses.

Companies. When arranging a conference room, upgrading video conferencing, equipping meeting rooms.

Entertainment spheres. They are used for corporate parties and holidays, used by presenters to show photos or videos.

Business centers. To organize exhibitions, business meetings, seminars, training courses.

Work on the installation of interactive and projection type equipment can be carried out for other fields of activity. After all, these technologies are quite versatile and practical.

What is included in this service?

We are ready to work both with a ready-made project plan of the customer, and without it, based oninteractive systems in Dubai, installation of a projector and a screen, installation of equipment, installation of a video camerathe basic principles of the location of equipment and the connection of systems to each other, drawn from our many years of experience.

The complex of works includes:

Installing the projector on the ceiling or wall of the room;

Installation of plasma and liquid crystal screens on walls or ceiling surfaces;

Installation of projection screens of direct and reverse projections;

Work on setting up the working capacity of the equipment;

Laying a cable system for a projection or interactive complex;

Installation of switching switchgear, their direct configuration;

Installing audio equipment, checking its functionality;

Installation of video conferencing, work on its configuration;

Installation of an interactive system, checking and configuring its operability;

Installation of signal sources (computers, video cameras, audio players, etc.).

A complex installation of a whole projection complex or a simple installation of a video camera, the price of which depends on the scale of the project, cannot do without a variety of auxiliary parts, making installation more reliable and durable.

That is why we use a lot of additional elements: bolts, nuts, dowels, screws, boxes, corrugated pipes, connectors, etc.

One professional installation of projectors and screens can replace constant calls to service centers and master calls to re-configure the equipment. The better the work is done, the longer interactive and projection complexes will serve your organization.

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