Project documentation

Project documentation

Do I need your own conference room?

Not all companies are engaged in holding conferences and exhibitions, creating teleconferences and negotiations with partners from abroad. Representatives of small businesses and some mid-level entrepreneurs are confident that it is possible to hold meetings under normal conditions.

However, if a company wants to grow and improve, often gathers managers to discuss important issues, contacts its departments from other cities and countries, or simply wants to create an image of a successful modern organization in front of customers, it cannot do without a conference room.

Conference halls in Dubai amaze with their scale and equipment. In order to compare and surpass them, it is not enough just to purchase high-quality equipment. It is necessary to position it correctly and achieve the perfect combination of all components of the system so that negotiations take place cleanly, smoothly and effectively.

To equip rooms from scratch or to improve existing conference halls of hotels, hotels, business centers and firms will help the development of a new project, which is based on the wishes of the customer regarding the tasks performed, the allocated budget and the possibilities of the premises.

What will the development of the project give?

Comprehensive improvement of functionality, improvement of the quality of communication and image design. In order to re-equip the old conference rooms, the following equipment will be used:

Signal sources – as a rule, more than one is used;

The means of displaying information are monitors, LCD screens, video walls, projectors;

Video and audio systems;

Interactive elements – boards, walls, tables.

Project documentation, Conference hall project, drawing up a design project of a conference hall in DubaiWe select the most modern and exclusive solutions for each organization so that it can fully reveal its potential to partners, superiors and customers.

What does design consist of?

For the successful implementation of the plan, it is necessary to seriously approach the task already at the moment of pre-project study. The full design of the conference hall will go through the following stages:

Preparation of technical specifications based on the initial information and the wishes of the customer.

Conclusion of a contract regarding the development of project documentation.

The departure of specialists in order for them to inspect the object, measure its dimensions, make a photo recording.

Creating functional diagrams of how the equipment for the conference room will work and where it will be located.

Based on the functional scheme, more detailed and detailed drawings are made. They include an explanatory note, an equipment layout plan, a wiring diagram, a functional diagram, an electrical connection diagram, a three-dimensional design of a fully equipped conference room and other documentation.

Approval by the customer of the entire paper version of the project and the beginning of the implementation of the idea.

Delivery of AV technologies, audio and video systems, installation of equipment, commissioning, of complexes.

In order to equip the most modern conference halls, the equipment is selected from interactive and projection systems of the new generation. Despite the fact that in the age of technological progress, any novelty becomes obsolete very quickly, innovation halls will remain operational for a long time and properly fulfill their purpose.

The experience of our company allows us to reduce the time for the development of the Dubai conference hall project and accelerate its implementation.

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