Content Production

Content Production

Why do we need to develop video software for interactive advertising in UAE Dubai, create video content, script a commercial, create commercials, order an advertising roller in order to make the presentation of goods or services even more attractive, and the potential audience expanded several times faster, companies use all the possibilities of modern interactive technologies. The spectacular and mobile presentation of the products or the company itself sets it off favorably against competitors with traditional approaches to advertising.

The service of video and advertising software development is in high demand in the field of Digital Signage (digital advertising). It includes the creation of attractive signage, ads, videos on monitors.

Interactive advertising in UAE is used:

For outdoor signage of shops, shopping malls, salons and other buildings that need to attract passers-by.

For LCD screens and located inside the premises of the company. As a rule, they are installed in halls, reception rooms, guest rooms.

For exhibition stands. Such options are used during product displays and are included during corporate events.

For navigation in a museum, business center or entertainment complex.

For organizing concerts and show programs.

For the field of education.

The creation of video content is in demand in many industries, and every business owner uses it at his discretion. We only help to develop a beautiful and attractive advertisement.

How the software is developed

Whether it's a short video clip or a full-fledged interactive advertising interface, its creation takes place according to one of two options:

The customer provides a detailed technical specification, which highlights all the nuances of the task. The most accurate description of what the business owner wants helps us quickly and without unnecessary edits to develop a first-class version of the interactive interface or video.

We develop the script of the commercial, the type of video and its components independently, based on the approximate wishes of the customer. At each stage, our specialists coordinate the finished part of the project, make edits if necessary. A scrupulous solution to the problem allows you to get an equally effective product, but it may take longer to implement.

Whichever option the client chooses, we always try to give the most useful recommendations and adjustments so that the finished product causes the desired WOW effect.

What does hardware software development include?

The creation of commercials attracts a potential audience from the outside, while individual software for an interactive device can increase the interest of an existing audience.

At the initial level of software development for interactive systems, we offer:

Prepare software for a specific model of equipment, its dimensions and screen dimensions;

Create 10 to 15 tabs;

Implement a minimum of animation effects (for example, to move the user between tabs);

Place all the text and multimedia information that the client will provide;

Implement the ability to edit elements through a simple interface.interactive advertising in Moscow, creation of video content, script of a commercial, creation of commercials, order a commercial

Other features and more advanced functionality are discussed separately and will require more time to create.

You can order an interactive type commercial or software development for your complex from us. The deadline for writing a program for a sensor system can take several weeks. We will provide more accurate information after reviewing the task.

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