Holographic LCD Panel

Holographic LCD Panel - Striking Solutions for Business in the UAE.


A transparent LCD panel will revolutionize the concept of informational installations. This device will create impressive three-dimensional product advertisements, thereby enhancing the reputation of establishments for residents and guests of Dubai.

Capabilities of Holographic Advertising.

A voluminous image suspended in the air looks incredibly impressive. In the world of marketing solutions, holograms are considered a novelty, attracting attention with their unconventional appearance and associations with science fiction films.

A holographic LCD panel can help:

• Stand out among competitors;

• Emphasize the image of an innovative company;

• Leave a lasting impression on potential customers;

• Transform the decor and interior of a space.

The transparent panel is suitable for businesses of any kind, as it works with both static images and animations.

The Structure of a Holographic LCD Panel.

In terms of appearance, the product resembles a small-sized transparent monitor screen. Its special design, with separated contrast layers and diffusers, creates a realistic three-dimensional object.

The screen should be placed against a bright or white background. In such cases, the image becomes clearer and brighter, attracting viewers.

Applications of Transparent LCD Panels in the UAE.

Holographic installations themselves look interesting and impressive. They can find applications in various establishments in Dubai, including:

• Bars and restaurants;

• Exhibition and museum halls;

• Storefronts;

• Cinemas;

• Product presentations;

• Informational stands.

A holographic LCD panel can be placed either as a standalone screen or in combination with real objects, such as designer shoes, inventions, beverages, or technology. By positioning merchandise between the bright background and the panel and running thematic content, you can create a spectacular advertisement.

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