Interactive bar I-Bar

interactive bar, sensor bar, touch bar,interactive panel,touch Bar,interactive equipment,interactive touch barInteractive bar I-Bar - the interactive bar system is an interactive bar counter, the surface of which is a multi-touch screen that reacts to the touch of hands and objects on the surface. An excellent solution for attracting tourists and guests of the UAE.

Enjoy the bright colors! It is worth putting a glass on an interactive bar, it will immediately light up with a bright light and plunge into the world of special effects. Several objects on its surface cause dynamic illumination: stretching light tails, changing connections every second, water surface, star scattering.

In addition to the entertainment function, the system perfectly copes with the promotion of brands. And now the interactive bar also allows you to recognize objects and control the Windows 10 operating system and all the variety of applications for it!

View photos and videos, work with maps, write and draw, travel the World Wide Web without interrupting your rest, right at the bar. An interactive bar offers you all these possibilities!


Use the interactive multi-touch surface of the I-Bar, and get new ways for customers to interact with your company! I-Bar provides an interactive platform that will enliven any element of business - from an exhibition stand to a retail point of sale. The realization of the benefits of the I-Bar depends on you.

It can be used to promote brands and new products, place menus of restaurants and bars, demonstrate interactive videos and games. The interactive I-Bar effectively influences the target audience during advertising campaigns, promotions, presentations and exhibitions. He creates an amazing atmosphere of communication with the client! Its possibilities are limitless.

Interactive advertising technologies eliminate psychological barriers to the perception of advertising, causing the audience to have a positive attitude towards it. Everyone who spent an evening in a cafe or club behind such a bar counter has an unforgettable impression of its use, naturally, at the same time the advertised product or brand is always remembered. The world leaders of tobacco and alcohol products declare the high efficiency of advertising campaigns conducted on interactive bar counters installed in nightclubs, restaurants and cafes. Promotions of any kind of products held on portable interactive bars in stores and shopping centers also enjoy continued success with the target audience.

In addtion to working with effects and commercials, I-Bar has extensive "intellectual" functionality. The system can be used to work with the Internet, videos, photos, 3D models and terrain maps. Due to the wide range of possible applications, the I-Bar is manufactured and supplied in modules that can be used singly, or connected to each other in extended structures. At the same time, the covering of the modules of the interactive I-Bar counter is carried out according to the customer's wishes, which allows you to create bar complexes with a unique individual design, for example, painted in multi-layer piano lacquer and installed additional lighting. The system can also act as a good "upgrade" for any institution, while the I-Bar is built into the existing customer's bar counter.

The price of the complete set of the bar depends on your wishes and varies from 370,000 to 800,000 AED per module 2000x1100x600 mm.

interactive bar, sensor bar, touch bar,interactive panel,touch Bar,interactive equipment,interactive touch barGeneral characteristics:

Screen resolution: 3600x1200pcs

Technology: - Optical infrared, 255 touches simultaneously;

Input device: - multi-touch screen made in the form of a tabletop;

Method of interaction: - touching with a finger, a gloved hand, or any other object;

Trigger activation force: - No pressure required;

The accuracy of determining the coordinates of the touch point: ± 2 mm, there is no drift;

Reaction rate: - typical value of 15 ms (60 updates per second);

Operating System: - Windows 10-11;

Power supply: - 220V, 60hz;

Operating temperatures:- +5....+30 `c;

Warranty 12 months.

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