System integrations

System Integration and System Integrator is a term meaning integrated design and installation of information systems. Traditionally, it is understood as the close integration of audio, video, projection and interactive equipment with each other on the same object. Usually these systems are combined with existing utilities to facilitate access and maintenance.

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The use of a systematic approach in the development and implementation of technological solutions, allows you to get more compact and less resource-intensive information systems. System integration technologies imply the implementation of the entire project by one contractor, which significantly reduces the risk of problems and delays during implementation. In addition, the probability of equipment failure due to incompatibility disappears, since all elements of the system are selected by a single contractor.

The system integrator uses such a systematic approach in projects of various purposes and levels, among them:

Dispatch and situation centers;

Conference rooms, meeting rooms;

Movie theaters;


Retail and business premises;

Premises of restaurants and clubs;

Medical centers;

Sports complexes;

Apartments and private households.

According to the number of rooms in the design of which system integration was used, Dubai deservedly ranks first in the country. First of all, state and municipal level structures resort to this method. As a rule, government meeting halls, conference halls and dispatch centers of emergency services are designed for them. In addition to organizations of federal significance, system integration services are relevant for all types of businesses and even for personal use – home cinemas designed by professional engineers taking into account all the wishes of the customer are gaining popularity. Such projects are distinguished by the quality of execution, reliability of equipment and efficiency of the use of free space, which is especially important for small apartments.

When designing assembly rooms, system integration solutions find their application in the installation and synchronization of a large number of complex equipment. Usually these are several separate electronic systems that need to be combined to gain full control over all equipment from a single control panel.

These include:

Video and projection system (projectors and screens, LED displays, LCD monitors, switching equipment and computers as sources of multimedia information);

Audio system (acoustic equipment). In addition to the acoustics itself, its competent placement in the hall and synchronization of all broadcast systems with each other is required;

Remote control;

Lighting systems, machinery and other stage equipment;

Engineering communications.

Meeting and conference rooms are a single set of equipment, the management of which requires efficiency. As a rule, during meetings it is necessary to change the position of the cameras, pointing them at the speakers, control the video and audio stream and display the necessary information on the screens. This requires the coordinated work of a large number of System integration, system integration services, system integrator, system integration, system integration technologies, system integration company, system integration services, system integration solutions, system integration project, a projector, video cameras, switches, computers-signal sources and other devices, without which the meetings will be disrupted.

Also, such rooms are often equipped with voting systems, translation, conference communication and other devices that complicate the management of the hall. In order to effectively control all multimedia elements in a normal environment, it takes a lot of effort. But the use of system integration allows you to combine all the individual systems into a single network, which will be controlled from the operator's console or even directly from the chairman's desk. With this approach, there is no need to study the principle of operation of many individual devices and even a person without experience can cope with the management.

The dispatch or situation center is another platform that requires system integration. Employees stay in such rooms for a very long time, because the situation here should be as comfortable as possible. In addition to the microclimate, the correct location of the equipment plays an important role in the work of the center. Illiterate control centers, in which equipment obscures the passage, interferes with the overview of the general screen, or simply refuses to work, cannot effectively serve their purpose.

In emergency situations, such a center becomes a place where all information flows and where the most important decisions are made. If, at a critical moment, a part of the equipment turns out to be insufficiently powerful and fails or an overload of engineering systems occurs, the consequences of such an event can be the worst. To avoid such an outcome, a systematic approach to the design and installation of all systems that will be maximally integrated with each other is required.

Using the advantages of system integration, a company of any level and type of activity will receive a reliable, stable multimedia system that will fully meet its needs.

An incomplete system integration project includes the following stages:

preliminary estimated marking of the object - 1-2 days from the date of application;

pre-project inspection of the facility and discussion with the customer of the level and quality of the equipment used 2-3 days from the date of application;

conclusion of a design contract (including the development of Technical Specifications) - since the cost of the contract is usually up to 100,000 rubles, budget organizations can fully pay for the design without conducting tender and competitive procedures - 1-2 weeks approval;

development of a set of project documentation - 3-6 weeks from the date of prepayment (after 2 weeks it is already possible to proceed with the preparation of tender tender documentation);

execution of tender, tender documentation - 3-4 weeks after the start of project development;

conducting a tender based on the Terms of Reference and a working draft - 2 weeks from the date of placement on the site;

the beginning of the delivery of equipment from the availability or System integration, system integration services, system integrator, system integration, system integration technologies, system integration company, system integration services, system integration solutions, system integration projectthe order - 1 week after the tender and the conclusion of the supply contract;

the end of the delivery of equipment under the order is 4-6 weeks after the conclusion of the delivery contract;

shipment of equipment to the customer's facility - 1-2 days after delivery of the equipment (shipment is possible during the entire delivery time upon availability or receipt to the warehouse);

installation and commissioning works (NDT) - 1-3 weeks after the equipment is delivered to the facility (work can already be carried out after the delivery of the main major components of the systems - such as video walls, video decks, structures of fasteners and suspensions, telecommunication cabinets and switching equipment);

turnkey delivery of the object 2-3 days after the end of the NDP;

training of the customer's personnel in operational features and writing of operational documentation - 1-3 days after the delivery of the object;

warranty, post-warranty and service maintenance for any period of operation of systems;

improvement - upgrade of systems after the expiration of the service life of equipment or technologies - for any period of the company's validity.

Thus, the system integration of a complex of equipment is an urgent need for the development of any company. We, as a system integrator with extensive experience, can help you with this.

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