Smart film rear projection

Experience the magic of innovation with our cutting-edge Smart Glass! This revolutionary material boasts a unique variable transparency function that will redefine the way you perceive glass.

At first glance, it appears to be just an ordinary piece of glass, but there's so much more to it. A film of liquid crystal material delicately resides between two thin layers of glass. In its off mode, the liquid crystals scatter light, rendering the surface beautifully opaque, guaranteeing privacy and exclusivity.

But here comes the wow-factor! When a power supply is applied, a mesmerizing transformation takes place. The liquid crystals gracefully change their positions, unveiling the glass's true potential - complete transparency. Witness as the glass becomes a window to the world, effortlessly bringing natural light and stunning views right into your space.

But the wonders of Smart Glass don't end there. It is also a cutting-edge rear projection film, enabling you to project captivating images onto its surface using a projector. Whether you want to showcase your brand in a retail space, mesmerize your audience with dynamic presentations in an office, or create an immersive ambiance in a hospitality venue, our Smart Glass can do it all.

Not only does it provide unparalleled functionality, but the magic of Smart Glass also lies in its ability to maintain the same volume of transmitted light in both modes. Say goodbye to the dull and darkening effect of traditional matte surfaces. Our Smart Glass retains its pristine clarity, preserving the brightness and openness of your surroundings.

Transform your environment with this innovative marvel, suitable for any setting, from contemporary offices and luxurious homes to chic retail spaces and modern hospitality venues. Embrace the seamless transition between opacity and transparency, and let our Smart Glass create an enchanting ambiance that will captivate all who behold it. The possibilities are limitless with this extraordinary material that combines functionality, beauty, and a touch of magic!

Smart-film projection film of variable transparency Light Gray, 1 sq.m.

Smart-film projection film of variable transparency Light Gray, 1 sq.m.

HIGH QUALITY GLASS AND FILM WITH VARIABLE TRANSPARENCYSmart glass is an innovative material with var..

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