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Does the company need a conference room?

Modern conference halls, the equipment in which should correspond to its time, are designed for holding both intra-corporate and larger-scale events that go far beyond the scope of one company. For example, it can be: seminars, meetings, presentations, interactive communication with business partners (video bridges), briefings, press conferences. As a rule, conference rooms are located in business centers, and are an integral attribute of a successful company.

And if some are directly eager to buy a conference room and equip it at their own discretion, then others prefer renting. It does not matter which way the management chooses, but what is important is that conference rooms can be safely called an excellent marketing tool that allows you to organize and manage business processes, as well as influence potential customers and business partners. And for this, the oratorical art of the "speaker" is not enough, since the technical equipment (the hall should have not only a podium with a microphone), sometimes plays a decisive role.

The company's "Mirror of success"

This somewhat "high-sounding" phrase is well deserved by modern conference halls, the equipment of which is of no small importance. The information platform should be convenient in all respects, and every person participating in the briefing or simply attending the seminar should not experience the slightest discomfort. Visual comfort is of great importance, and it can be achieved only by attracting high-class designers working together with architects. The right choice of finishing materials is extremely important, because if this is neglected, then excessive sound permeability, noise, illegibility of speech and other "unworthy phenomena" will not allow you to convey information as you would like. Of course, the equipment for the conference hall simply has to be of high quality and trustworthy.

Ideally, in order to avoid unforeseen situations and negative factors, it is necessary that specialists engaged in the field of acoustic technologies work closely with architects and designers, since no one has canceled such a term as "room acoustics" yet. To create an ideal conference room, its design should include the use of acoustic panels with certain properties (sound reflection, sound insulation, sound absorption). Of course, the functional systems of the information platform must be selected in accordance with specific conditions. The equipment of the conference hall implies the availability of furniture and special equipment suitable for all criteria.

Conference halls to buy, Hardware and software complex, conference hall equipment, design of conference halls, conference equipment, conference equipment, conference hall equipment, presentation equipment, congress equipment,List of main conference equipment.

The composition of technical means for transmitting and reproducing information depends on what events will be held on the information platform. There is no single standard here, and conference equipment is selected based on needs, and this list may include:

Video conferencing system. Provides audio-visual communication to several interlocutors at once online. Videoconferencing is a great way to establish communication links between people who are at a considerable distance from each other. Manufacturers of such systems offer advanced models, which include: a built-in codec, a microphone and a "homing" video camera.

Screens for conference rooms. This type of conference equipment is commonly referred to in narrow circles as "video walls" designed to "convey" video information. All kinds of video players, PCs and laptops, video cameras and other devices capable of reproducing an image can act as a "picture supplier". Plasma, as well as other devices, can act as a screen.

The switching subsystem. Now it can also be included in the complex of acoustic equipment of the information platform, and the functions of the switching subsystem are reduced not only to switching sound sources, but also to sound processing.

Projection system. It may include a couple of devices: a projector and a screen. This is a fairly common element of a conference room, equipped with a number of additional functions.

Conference system. This is a conference equipment, which includes many elements, and it is often referred to by another term - a congress system. If desired, it is possible to equip the conference system with additional functionality so that it can register participants of the event, count votes during voting. And the equipment for simultaneous translation is nothing more than an integral element of the congress system. By the way, thanks to the conference system, several people will be able to take part in the debate at once.

Conference call. Gives an opportunity for communication to several people at once. If desired, you can organize both audio and video conferences, so that the interlocutors can see each other. Such a "visual polylogue" is very appropriate when holding multilateral workshops, presentations, webinars, press conferences, etc.

Conference microphone. This is a real assistant, without which it is impossible to conduct business events. Of course, in most cases such a device is used "in the plural", and very often preference is given to radio microphones of various models, which is understandable: no one wants to get confused in the wires. There are an incredible number of varieties of conference microphones, and one of them is a speakerphone - a device that can include several speakers and microphones.

Conference halls to buy, Hardware and software complex, conference hall equipment, design of conference halls, conference equipment, conference equipment, conference hall equipment, presentation equipment, congress equipment,And many many other systems, what you want, where yu want and when you want.

Multifunctional conference hall

Often, one conference room solves several tasks at once. For example, it can serve not only as a meeting room and presentations, but also take on the function of a room where you can arrange a banquet, hold a round table, arrange a corporate party or use as a cinema. That is, the conference room can be arranged so that it performs several functions at once, and this will be the best solution of all possible. But how to provide a conference room with such a transformation? This can be done by rearranging furniture and carefully selecting heterogeneous equipment, which must necessarily be modern, since its possibilities are truly limitless.

Project Design of conference halls

Project Design of conference halls

Turnkey conference rooms - complex AUDIO-VISIAL system for connecting people.Conference halls are la..

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