Holographic Fan

Holographic Fan for 3D Advertising in Dubai Stores.


Presenting products in shopping centers or advertising menus in restaurants will become more striking when using transparent fans instead of LED screens. These devices project colorful and realistic holograms based on video content.

Holographic Fan Device.

In terms of design and operation, the device resembles a typical household fan. However, instead of standard blades, it features LED lamps that rotate rapidly, creating a three-dimensional image effect.

The blade diameter can be small (500-600 mm) or large (1000-1200 mm). With proper LED synchronization, the image appears to "hang" in the air, while the lamps themselves become invisible.

Hologram fans support static and dynamic images, including:

• Text messages;

• Product views;

• Company logos;

• Characters and mascots;

• Advertising and entertainment videos.

Content can be uploaded via memory card or Wi-Fi. The device works with various formats, such as JPG and GIF for images, and AVI and MP4 for animations. Some models even support sound transmission, allowing you to run full-fledged informational videos.

Advantages of Transparent Fans for Holograms.

This technical solution is suitable for marketing and entertainment purposes. It attracts the attention of potential audiences, engages passersby, and helps build a positive reputation for companies in the UAE.

Additionally, holographic fans:

1. Create a wow effect.

2. Are memorable due to their unique appearance.

3. Do not require specialized knowledge to operate.

4. Support control via smartphones and laptops.

5. Display various three-dimensional objects.

Holographic fans will find applications in Dubai's stores, bars, restaurants, exhibition centers, and fitness clubs.

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