Every modern organization, regardless of the direction of activity and scale of production, has access to the Internet and its own local network. It is equipped with computers and other useful technologies that help promote the company and advertise its services.

What every company needs

The best way to present the product and attract the attention of customers will allow competent audio and video feed. Sound systems are effective in themselves, they can:

Notify about important events;

Serve as alarms;

Turn on background (relevant for restaurants, cafes, shops, beauty salons);

Talk about advertising offers, new products, promotions and attract the audience in every possible way.

Turnkey projection systems, learn the subtleties of event equipment online. Services of providing events with equipment in UAE, the cost of services of the AVplusTV Group

Audio company is perfectly complemented by video systems. For example, liquid crystal panels, monitors, televisions, projectors and LED screens. A full-fledged projection system carries a double advertising function, and also serves to entertain customers and employees of the organization. Projections are actively used during exhibitions for the design of stands, as outdoor advertising, for the presentation of material in educational institutions.

Interactive systems in UAE are also gaining popularity in various fields. They not only provide information in all colors, apply effects and sounds, but also allow a person to interact with the content. Presentations, educational material, games - all this becomes several orders of magnitude more attractive and arouses keen interest in even the most banal things.

And to improve the convenience of the organization, in addition to projectors and interactive screens, a conference system is installed. It allows you to hold negotiations, meetings with partners, conferences and simplify business processes in the company in every possible way.

Comprehensive services - faster, more profitable, more efficient

If necessary, equip the company with modern technologies or replace old devices with new ones, it is much more practical to order the entire projection system, Interactive systems in UAE, a conference system, buy an interactive system, information systems and technology complex of services at once. Firstly, this method will be cheaper. Secondly, it is possible to equip all the necessary premises in a relatively short time and immediately start working.

Such a set of services is called system integration, it consists in the implementation and configuration of equipment, the connection of components with each other and vital elements at the facility.

Each client can independently buy an interactive system, video walls and projectors, and in addition order the following services:

Selection of equipment for the premises in accordance with the purposes of its use and the client audience.

Installation of selected systems at customers' facilities.

Integration of several systems into one with the ordering of all processes.

One-time and permanent maintenance of systems of different directions and complexity.

We serve information systems and technologies in UAE of such types as:

Audio and video systems;

Conference and video conferencing systems;



Voting systems;

Simultaneous translation;

Controls and much more.

By transferring the care of professional equipment to knowledgeable craftsmen, you save not only time on finding specialists, but also provide yourself with reliably functioning technologies. There is no longer a need to monitor all processes and worry about their performance. And consistently working innovative elements are sure to attract an interested audience and increase the company's sales.

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