• 3D Holo Reflective 3D film similar to Musion EyeLiner film, price per 1 sq.m.

3D Holo film, similar to the Musion EyeLiner film, is used to create 3D video systems for Dubai UAE in dark or poorly lit rooms.

The 3D Holo film is as transparent as possible while it has a mirror effect, which allows you to create a 3D image even in lighted rooms, but in dark rooms the effect of the presence of a real object in the air is even stronger.

This solution is interesting for creating the presence of people on stage, the presentation of objects and interaction with them by living people.

the width of the 3D Hologram film roll is 4-8 meters, the usual size for creating a full-length person is 3x2 meters.

4-8 meters enough for most popular hologram events in Dubai UAE

This film can serve as a complete replacement for the well-known film and Musion EyeLiner technology, with the necessary degree of transparency and image reflection coefficient at 45 degrees.

For the film, both LED screens of the desired brightness and pixel steps, as well as projection screens and LCD panels and video walls can be used.

The most effective use of the film is carried out in dark rooms with the right light accents on the back wall for the background. It is also important to stretch the hologram film so that the edges of the film and the structures for tension are not visible, or the edges are tightly adjacent to the walls of the room (this is usually possible for stationary installations, whereas for rent it is often possible only to decorate the structures to distract attention from the film.)

The background can be either RGB illumination of the image, or an LED screen that creates additional 3D depth with the help of correct content and object linking of content on the hologram and on the background.


- high film strength, high scratch resistance;

- with correct installation, absolutely flat surface;

- minimization of electrostatic effects

- maximum transparency;

- maximum reflection coefficient;

Maximum roll width: 8m

Minimum roll width : 4m

Technical data:

Film thickness (average typical value): 100 microns

Tensile strength (average typical value): 230 MPa

Resizing to break: 160%

Heat shrinkage (at a temperature of 150 degrees, 30 minutes): 1%

Coefficient of friction: 0.3

Transparency (minimum value for a flat surface): 98%

Reflection at an angle of 45 degrees (minimum value for a flat surface): 80%

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3D Holo Reflective 3D film similar to Musion EyeLiner film, price per 1 sq.m.

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